Sunday, March 05, 2006

~@~Beautiful and romantic ROUND bed!~@~

This really is beautiful and fun. Search the internet, you will not find one for sale for under $2,000.00 ( that's mattress set only! ). I just really need to sell this set...... I can not get it up the stairs to where it belongs. Includes box spring, mattress, headboard, bed legs, 2 matching night stands and custom sheet set. Bed is just under 7 feet across. This set is a heavy, well made, antique super find! The picture shows the bed partially set up, not the entire package. I am listing this at $400.00 or best offer. Get your hands on this unique and romantic bed while you can. Feel free to add a comment for any questions. Thank you!


Blogger C said...


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4:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi i cannot see the photo can you post another one?

1:45 PM

Blogger brooke johnson said...

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Blogger juliana breen said...

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Blogger Mayra Carlson said...

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Blogger ann stewart said...

Absolutely love this sheet! I can say they were soft, cool, and very easy to put on the bed. The I was able to wash them with ease. By far a my mother great purchase for both affordability and comfort. I will buy these again.
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Blogger mike hitch said...

Really happy with these round sheets. They are a great value and we really like them in our master bedroom. They're very soft and smooth. I like to be warm at night and my husband likes to stay cool, and these manage to fit the bill for both of us. I wanted to share how well the gray coordinates with a cool neutral color scheme.

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